Matthew Rieger, President and CEO of Housing Trust Group, published an OpEd in the Miami Herald on Wednesday describing the potential drawbacks of the plan before a final bill is sent to the President later this month. As it stands, several Republican lawmakers are already walking back support for the bill over other provisions. 
“As the largest developer of affordable housing in Florida, living and working in the country’s most cost-burdened metro area, I feel an obligation to let our leaders and the public know that that the legislation, in its current form, will exact a price on the public in the form of higher housing costs. Florida – and South Florida in particular – is facing a major affordable housing crisis. Over two-thirds of Miami residents, for example, spend more than 40% of their income on rent. Now is the time to be expanding our investment in affordable housing, not shrinking it.”

To read the full text of Matthew Rieger’s Op-Ed, “Proposed GOP Tax Bill Would Gut Affordable Housing,” please see here.

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