HTG Management

HTG Management, LLC is a full service property management organization. We have a highly skilled and experienced executive team and are recognized as leaders in the management of multi-family properties. Our services include management, leasing, marketing, asset management, brokerage, due diligence investigation, consulting, investment acquisition and disposition, construction consulting, maintenance, staffing, accounting and in-house legal services.

Our knowledge and experience makes us an industry leader in:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Conventional Housing
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Broken Condominium Properties

HTG Management’s innovative approach to maximizing the value of our client’s assets, while applying strategic planning to minimize the client’s costs, is the key to our success. Through assessments of potential revenue opportunities, decreasing expenses whenever and wherever possible, and creative management and marketing, our single most important goal is to maximize the client’s investment.

Management Overview

HTG Management makes sure that each property is given the individual and proper attention it needs to flourish. Detailed property assessments and marketing reports are provided to our clients on a monthly basis or more frequently if needed. There are also weekly traffic reports and property visits by corporate management to ensure day-to-day operations are being executed efficiently and effectively.

On-site personnel

are hired, trained, and supervised by HTG Management. Extensive background checks, which include criminal history investigations, are conducted. On-site personnel are evaluated and trained on an on-going basis and are groomed to promote from within. Employees are trained to properly qualify prospects and efficiently collect rent. They are encouraged to lease aggressively yet professionally. On-site staff is required to continually evaluate the competition and report trends and/or concerns to upper management

Marketing plans

are carefully tailored to each property – geared to drive the most qualified traffic to the site at the lowest cost. Everything from curb-appeal, signage, advertising, pricing, competition, promotions, and more are evaluated on a weekly basis to determine if the most effective approach is currently being implemented. Outstanding customer service to existing residents, as well as future residents, is vital in maintaining long-term occupancy.

Maintenance standards

are second-to-none on properties managed by HTG Management. 24-hour emergency maintenance assistance is established on every property. Routine maintenance, as well as preventative maintenance, is implemented to troubleshoot potential problems and keep residents safe and comfortable. Our experience in implementing efficient cost control measures, negotiating vendor contracts, and detailed budget control, keeps property expenses to a minimum all without sacrificing quality of living or any services to our residents.

Accounting policies and procedures

are maintained with the highest integrity and confidentiality. Our accounting department adheres to the strictest industry standards and ensures total compliance with all financial reporting and strategies. Our accounting services include, but are not limited to: compliance and maintenance of all accounting records, monthly financial statement packages (which include: balance sheet, budget vs. actual income statement, bank reconciliations and other supporting schedules), maintenance of escrow accounts, maintenance of security deposit accounts, preparation of annual property budgets, negotiation of insurance contracts, annual real estate and personal property tax reviews, complete analysis and review of proposed acquisitions, and working with lenders on financing or refinancing. We have the ability to customize our monthly and annual reports to satisfy the unique and specific requirements of each client.

Legal Services

are offered to our clients free of charge for regular legal matters affecting the properties that we manage. By employing in-house legal counsel, HTG Management can assist our clients in on-going and urgent legal matters in the most cost-effective manner, all while helping to protect the interests of our clients and the security of their investments.